And Why NY is the perfect melting pot for crowdsourcing..

The history of crowdsourcing in New York has been there for many years. It even precedes the age of the internet. When Adolph Ochs of The New York Times flirted with the idea of changing the slogan of The New York Times; he offered to give $100 to anyone who can provide a better slogan than “All the news that is fit to print” which was and remains The New York Times’ slogan till date. Twenty thousand submissions were made and “All the world’s news, but not a school for scandal” was picked as the winner. Adolph Ochs paid $100 to the winner but decided to retain the original slogan.



– POPULATION: Crowdsourcing in New York is possible because of the population of the city. With a population of over 19.8 million as of 2016, there are enough people for crowdsourcing purposes.
– INTERNET: Statistics show that over 16 million make use of the internet in New York. With the internet being the best medium to crowdsource in recent times, it shows why crowdsourcing is a hit in New York.\

-INFORMATION SAVVY: Most people who live in New York are information savvy. They are exposed to a lot of information which has made them develop the ability to make good judgments.

These are a few reasons why New York is an amazing place for crowdsourcing. It simply follows that when a large number of people who are information savvy use the internet very well, the likelihood of crowdsourcing is very high.

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